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Auscultadores Panasonic RP-BTS55E-K black

Auscultadores Panasonic RP-BTS55E-K black

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  • Marca: Panasonic
  • Cód. fabricante: RP-BTS55E-K
  • EAN: 5025232873821
  • Cód. Interno: 224770

  • €62.00

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Panasonic RP-BTS55E-K black

The BTS55 wireless headphones have been designed specifically para be worn during the most enduring of sporting activities, para deliver premium sound e maximum comfort. The Bluetooth function eliminates cabos and IPX5 rated waterproofing repels sweat e water. Plus the azuledge LED adds safety, by lighting up whilst jogging at night.

Smart functions - operation via voice control
The integrated microphone allows hands-free operation of basic telephone and app functions via voice control. If the switch-on button is pressed fast twice during operation, the respective language assistant (e. g. Siri on the iPhone) can be activated on the playback device. This means that information can be queried or simple app functions can be controlled.

Great para Nighttime Workouts - AzulEdge LED Illumination
LED lights embedded into the edge of the headphones add safety by lighting in azulwhile jogging at night. The BTS55 headphones provide comfortable exercising any time of day.

Convenient Design - Washable Design
The BTS55 headphones feature IPX5 waterproofing that protects them from sweat e water. Any soiling can also be washed off with water, para quick e easy maintenance.

Rich bass - dynamic sounds that motivate during fitness training
The BTS55 are equipped with a 9mm diaphragm para rich bass e razor-sharp sound. They are compatible with the AAC codec, which allows you para listen para music wirelessly in higher quality than the standard Bluetooth codec.


  • Active Light & flexible earhooks - para secure hold e visibility
  • Voice control/mobile telephony - hands-free operation of basic telephone & app functions
  • Quick charge function - with 15 minutes charging time, 70 min listening pleasure (max. 6 hrs)