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Auscultadores Panasonic RP-BTS35E-Y yellow

Auscultadores Panasonic RP-BTS35E-Y yellow

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  • Marca: Panasonic
  • Cód. fabricante: RP-BTS35E-Y
  • EAN: 5025232873814
  • Cód. Interno: 224774

  • €49.00

Panasonic RP-BTS35E-Y yellow

The BTS35 wireless headphones have been designed specifically para be worn during the most enduring of sporting activities, para deliver premium sound e maximum comfort. The Bluetooth function eliminates cabos and IPX5 rated waterproofing repels sweat e water.


  • Quick charge function - with 15 min charging time, 70 min listening pleasure (max. 6 hrs)
  • Comfortable e firm seating thanks para flexible earhook e low weight
  • High sound quality - thanks para 9 mm transducer e cabo routing in the bracket